If you are involved with marketing or printing, chances are, you are aware of just how important good color is. From the marketing side of things, you know that marketing materials and packaging, no matter how well designed, will never have their intended effects unless they look just right, and also that bad color can also hurt your business. Yet in spite of how important good color actually is, many people have not considered “outsourcing” it; just trudging through the process of unsystematic matching is what many people have accepted doing. At Precision Color Solutions, we invite you to consider what your other options are. It is possible that you might be able to save days, weeks, and even months of frustration for yourself, your department, or even your entire organization. Furthermore, we cannot emphasize enough the positive impact that an excellent color-matching result can have on your business--why leave something so important to chance? At Precision Color Solutions, we focus almost entirely on color, and our 40 years of expertise in the field means that we can guarantee you an excellent result within a matter of days, whenever you need help. Also, we will keep a digital record of all your past jobs for both your and our convenience.

 YOUR COLOR PROBLEMS Anyone who spends a lot of time working with Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator knows that the image that shows up on the computer screen does not equal the image that appears on printed paper; thus, simply adjusting the contrast and the color balance will not automatically yield the results that you are looking for. People who do color-matching for a living realize that there is actually a lot to take into account when it comes to color, and that includes taking objective measurements of the color in order to ensure matching accuracy. Unfortunately, the majority of Photoshop and Abobe Illustrator users do not realize that for such a truly accurate color match to occur, objective color measurements must be taken. So after immeasurable amounts of time, proofing paper, ink, and toner get used up using “the gut method”, you may in fact achieve a matching result that is close to what you had been hoping to achieve. At Precision Color Solutions, however, we believe that people ought to be able to get a result that is exactly what they want. Perhaps you are aware of how much paper, ink, and toner you are wasting on a daily basis; perhaps you need to think about it. Either way, however, we think that you will agree with us that it is better not to waste time and money trying to manually adjust the color of a test target, when you could in fact have an excellent result done by someone else that is ready within just a few days.