Precision Color Solutions is a color management company that is one step ahead of the rest. Founded and run by Bill Birkett over 40 years ago as a pre-press company, today we have reinvented ourselves as a leader in advanced color-matching technology. While you may not know what “pre-press” used to be as an industry, chances are, if you are involved in printing or marketing, you have struggled with getting the color of your prints or marketing materials the way you want them to be. As a tech person, you may have even spent countless frustrated hours, days, weeks--or even months--trying to achieve a state of perfect color fidelity, or even wasted enormous amounts of money on printing materials in pursuit of the perfect color match. As a marketing person, you may have sent your materials back over and over again because of a poor color result--or even switched printers. Many of our clients tend to be people who work with building surfaces such as wood, stone, or paint, who end up needing to get a precise color match (hence our name, Precision Color Solutions) in order to make display samples. Other clients that we frequently take are those who need assistance with color matching on brochures, catalogs, artistic photographs, and even art on canvass, also known as "giclée".