When Bill Birkett, C.E.O of Precision Color Solutions, had first finished developing our new service that delivers such amazing results, even he couldn’t believe what he had just accomplished: an outstanding color-matching result that was the product of a brilliant new color-matching system (and not a series of failed test results). We have simply got to emphasize that our new, service-marked color-matching process, called PCS Image Capture, produces images with excellent color fidelity, yet at an extremely fast rate. We are able to produce the images with 2 different input systems: either by 2D or 3D camera, or by scanner. As for the illuminant, we will use either CIE standard lighting, or measured. As you may already know, HDR refers to “high dynamic range”, and this type of imaging is often used in artistic photography to create images with extremely rich and vibrant color, or sometimes a surreal appearance. Why bring up HDR imaging? Well, HDR imaging is central to the Precision Color Solutions image-capture technology, for it enables us to do tone-mapping of 3D images such as surfaces and other products; these images are perfect for providing product samples and displays to customers. In addition to using HDR imaging, Precision Color Solutions also has an advanced lighting studio in-shop, which we use to replicate all kinds of different lighting scenarios, and which also helps us bring out the colors and textures to their optimal levels. In addition to surfaces and objects, “tone-mapping” is also great for CGI rendering. Computer-generated images (CGI) are being used now more than ever in business applications--especially in catalogs and brochures. With our tone-mapping technology, these CGI’s are captured perfectly so as to have a strikingly realistic appearance.  Here are the 3 levels of color accuracy from which you will choose: LEVEL 1--We profile the capture device for each session. The color matching provided is excellent and suitable for most applications. LEVEL 2--We take spectral measurements of each original. Then, we build a custom profile for each image in order to optimize its color reproduction. LEVEL 3--First, we will supply you with a Level 2 image, after which we will ask you to make a test print. We will measure both the test print and the original object, and adjust the image that we have made so that it becomes an exact match. Every job is different, so we’ll need a little bit more information from you before we can give you a quote. If you don’t mind, please scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the sample button so that we can give you an approximate quote. The more information we have from you, the more accurate we can be in the pricing. If possible, please send us any files you have for us to look at, either by form or by e-mail. One of the reasons why we can guarantee a perfect color match is that we have a custom lighting studio, in which we can recreate any type of lighting conditions: outdoor, showroom, shop window, incandescent, fluorescent, etc. If one of your concerns is about the addition or absence of a certain type of lighting, then have no fear--we’ve got you covered. The convenience of having someone keep a thorough record of your jobs and matching results is just one more thing that will add value to your customer experience with us. We will keep a complete record of all your files and color profiles, and we will come to be closely acquainted with your specific needs. This allows us to give you quick and reliable service, every time.


We don't expect you to make a decision right away about whether or not you'd like to work with us. However, we believe that our work does really speak for itself. And so, we're going to give you the opportunity to see how the jobs we do for you will look for yourself, without having to take our or our other clients' word for it. Therefore, we invite you to click on the button above to request your free sample and give us more information both about your company, as well as the job at hand and what your expectations are for it.

 One of the main things that you get with us is someone to be your color advocate. This might sound slightly silly, but you have to remember that the color-matching work is only what happens before the work goes to the press. On your own, you don’t have much say in what printing presses do, or how much money they will charge you, and it is unfortunately not all that common for printing presses to overcharge their customers, or not quite tell them all the facts about what is going on. You may think, for instance, that a certain printing press is the only one that can do a certain type of job for you, based on inaccurate information that has been given to you by that printing press. One of the advantages about doing work with us is that we know the in’s and out’s of the printing industry, and we are beholden to no printing presses. Consequently, you can always rely on us as an unbiased source of information. If you are being overcharged by your press, or if your press is withholding information from you, we will be glad to let you know, and also give you advice on how to remedy your situation. Even if your color fidelity is perfect, having problems with printers themselves can make things complicated, and even prevent your job from getting done. In addition to remaining unbiased while you are in the midst of trying to get your printing work done, we also are there to help you get through the process of taking your work to press. We are “in your court”, so to speak, and are there to assist in terms of both giving you advice, and also to communicate and negotiate with the printer if need be, to make sure that the press you are using is doing everything correctly on its end. Sometimes, the problem with your work may really just be on the printer’s end, and we are happy to help our customers resolve such issues in acting as a third party.









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