Precision Color Solutions is a unique company, and what sets us apart from other graphic arts firms is that we offer objective solutions. What we mean by this is that, unlike our competitors, we accomplish everything through measurement, and not by hunches or guessing. So the question that you may have about now is, how do you objectively measure color? Well, did you know that there exists a fully-fledged science to describe and measure color perception? This science is commonly called “colorimetry”, and it is a big part of the everyday work routine here at Precision Color Solutions.


You see, in colorimetry, the color gamut can be mapped out on a 3-dimensional coordinate plane, with a white to black axis running from top to bottom, and the other RGB (red-green-blue) and CMYK (cyan-magenta-yellow) color values all around it. The final shape will be cone-like, shrinking downward as more and more black gets added; the image on the right is for your visualization: