You may have already noticed that we do a lot of work with matching samples for building surfaces. While that is indeed the case, PCS Image Capture is not just suited for this kind of work--in fact, it is actually suitable for all kinds of applications, including brochures, catalogs, CGI rendering, professional prints of all kinds, including professional photographs, as well as canvass art printing, also known as "giclée". You'll probably notice a trend here--all of our work has to do with images that require exacting detail, whether that image be of a marble counter-top, a professional photograph, a GGI of an automobile for a brochure, or an original canvass piece of brush-detailed art. If you are involved with marketing, of course you know the value of getting the color just right--so that it "pops". But do the rest of your staff, or even your superiors, realize the importance of a great color match? If not, then we recommend that they take a look at our videos and podcasts to get an idea of what they're missing out on.


 At Precision Color Solutions, our entire process is dedicated to getting the color of various objects just right (often on the very first try). Matching the color of various building material samples is a natural fit for our process, because the texture of the material on the sample needs to be shown to potential customers in the most accurate and pleasing way possible. Maybe you even need a way to scan an object or various objects so that the proper detail is maintained; we are happy to report that our proprietary process, PCS Image Capture, can be used to scan 3-D objects that require great detail, and that these scans often have the same accuracy and color fidelity as a Cruse™ scanner!  In addition to scanning objects for you, we also are able to do some short-run printing of exceptional quality, which is perfect for giclée and photography. So, if any of these applications describe the kind of color work that you or your organization regularly work with, then we think you may have found a great match!




• Color matching professional and amateur photographs


• Color matching building material samples


• Color matching marketing materials, such as brochures and catalogs


• Printing and color-matching consulting


• Scanning and capturing detailed 3-D objects, such as original canvass art


• Short-run, high-quality printing jobs


• CGI rendering


• Giclée


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