1. What exactly can you do for me or my organization?

A: In a nutshell, we can completely remove the burden of accurate and consistent color-matching from your work flow. If you work in the graphic arts industry, and you are required to get an accurate color match consistently, we will act as the middle man, and make it so that you can focus on other creative tasks besides the drudgery of manual color adjustments in Illustrator.


2. What sets you apart from other firms dealing with the graphic arts?

A: We honestly don’t feel like we can compare ourselves to too many other companies out there, as we focus mostly on just specifically matching color. 10 years ago, Precision Color had a much larger facility with many machines, film, and a dark room, and we did pre-press. Now, we are focusing on one single process that is not nearly as complicated as things used to be when we used film. But really, our unique process for systematic exact color-matching is what sets us apart, and we are proud of that.


3. What kind of companies do you usually do business with?

A: Many of our clients tend to be companies dealing with building material samples, but we also do other work that includes catalogues and brochures. Some of our more well-known clients include Lowe’s™, Masco™, Sherwin Williams™, Zingerman’s Deli™, Freudenberg™, Therma-tru™, and Hayworth™. We also do giclée printing and work with artists on smaller color-matching and printing jobs. The quality of our short-run printing is really exceptional.


4. I or my organization have worked with you in the past, do you still do consulting work? Does Doppelganger still exist?

A: Yes, Doppelganger does still exist. The word “Doppelganger” is actually a German word that means “a mischievous twin”. So you could think of Doppelganger as, well, the “doppelganger” of Precision Color Solutions. Doppelganger is really more just like the consulting division of Precision Color Solutions.


5. What is the difference between the old Precision Color, and the new Precision Color Solutions?

A. We like to think of them as one and the same, though Precision Color Solutions is what Precision Color evolved into. When the printing industry changed so rapidly due to digitalization in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, that meant that the thing we did so well, pre-press, essentially ceased to exist as an industry. So, we had to adapt, and we are proud to say that we are “making pre-press relevant again!”


6. Can the PCS Image Capture technology realistically do the same work as a Cruse™ scanner?

A: For exceptionally large objects, a Cruse™ flatbed scanner may indeed be the best option. But in terms of detail and color fidelity, we are essentially able to deliver the same quality results without the need to scan anything. So, if the thing that you need scanned is not exceptionally large but still requires the capture detail and color fidelity of this type of flatbed scanner, we recommend this option for you. In addition to being a lot easier and faster than the Cruse™ scanner, it will save you a significant amount of money per scan.


7. How do you “capture” your images with your Image Capture process?

A: The most frequent method of capture that we use is actually with a digital camera, but we can also use a scanner.


8. Realistically speaking, how much time can you save me or my organization?

A: We can save you a phenomenal amount of time, especially if you find yourself routinely trying to get a good matching result but end up stuck. We can save you days, weeks, or even months of time, depending on how much you or your organization are struggling. We urge you to give your color work to us, and quit worrying about it! Some hassles really are worth outsourcing!
















9. Realistically speaking, how much money can you save me or my organization?

A: Realistically speaking, we can say that we will save you a very significant amount of money, based on saved materials from running test targets, time freed up to help you move on more quickly to other projects and potentially handle more work, and of course, the priceless savings on frustration and stress. In short, the savings will be really significant for you.


10. I hear and see a lot of mention about pre-press on your website, but what exactly is it?

A: Pre-press is just a term that was used to describe the way things used to be with color work; since no one had access to things like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, it was necessary to have a third party do the matching work before it went to press; it used to be a prolific industry. With the digitalization of the printing industry, the middleman (including ourselves) was essentially cut out of the picture, and the color work was left to the creative people themselves to "DIY". So when we talk about pre-press, we are talking about that "middle step" that was taken out of the color-matching process. In an effort on the part of the printing industry to cut costs and simplify the printing process, the pre-press industry was an unfortunate casualty, and in the long run, many printing presses and graphic arts people have come to miss it.


11. You say  that you have “proprietary technology”, what do you mean by that?

A: What we mean by “proprietary technology” is that our process, PCS Image Capture, is something that no other company uses. It is something that we invented. It is perhaps not ‘technology’ in the sense of a machine, but it is techonology in the sense of a great innovation that we created and stand behind 100%.


12. What is the main reason I or my organization ought to change our current color-matching process?

A: In our honest opinion, based on the experience helping thousands of customers resolve color issues, we are quite certain that almost every one involved in the graphic arts is wasting time and money in some way, whether that is a big or small way. There are some things for which it makes sense to try and do yourself, but color matching isn’t really one of them that is worthwhile. We think that every one involved in the color matching process ought to seriously consider having outsourcing it to a 3rd party. Since that traditional 3rd party, pre-press, does not really exist anymore as an industry, that means that we are in the position to be one of the few organizations that offers such a solution to people stuck trying to get a manual match with Adobe programs.


13. If we do outsource our work to you guys, what kind of transition can we expect to go through? How will the process work?

A: You can expect the process of switching over to be as absolutely painless as possible. We will only need to get thorough information from you or your organization regarding projects, needs, and goals. Then, we’ll need you to pick out a test job, for which you will get a free sample, in which we will show you what we can do. We are very confident that you will be pleased, but in case you aren’t, then no worries! You or your organization really have nothing to lose here. Furthermore, we are here to make your life easier, not more complicated.


14. What are the first steps that we need to take to get started?

A: As stated in the previous point, the first step is for you to let us know what your needs and goals are, and then to pick out a test job. Then you can leave the rest to us.


15. Is the sample work actually free?

A: Yes, you can be guaranteed that it is 100% free for you.


16. Do you only do work with large companies, or do you also do work with individuals, such as artists?

A: We are willing to work with just about anyone, provided we can be of real assistance. We regularly work with independent photographers and artists, and we also do short-run printing with excellent results.


17. I see a lot of samples of building surfaces in your gallery; why so many surfaces? Do you also do work with companies not involved with surfaces?

A: Yes, of course, however we believe that surface sample work is naturally one of the best applications for our Image Capture technology. But for an example of other applications of our systematic color matching, take a look at Zingerman’s catalog at the following link: Zingerman’s is a nationally-renowned deli with whom we have been working for many years, helping them to get their color just right.


18. Do you do any printing in-house?

A: Yes, as mentioned in previous sections, we do short-run printing in-house, but that doesn’t mean that the prints are limited to only a few prints: we can actually do several hundred at a time, though we must emphasize that we are not primarily a printing press. However, if your focus is on quality of prints rather than quantity of prints(and you don’t require thousands), then we may be the right choice for you. A good analogy for our printing services might be for you to think of us as a boutique clothing store rather than a large department store as a place to buy your clothes.