When it comes to the topic of color in the printing industry, you are not likely to find many people who are more knowledgeable than Bill Birkett, the C.E.O. of both Precision Color Solutions, as well as Doppelganger, LLC. While he started and and has run Precision Color Solutions for over 40 years, he has also been a part-time color consultant for over a decade. Being a color consultant means that he is able to troubleshoot and fix pretty much any color-matching problem for any company. In addition to his entrepreneurial experience, Bill is also a member of the prestigious Leyda Brain Trust due to his expertise on ISO Standards, an honor not given to many people within the graphic arts industry. He is also a regular contributor to TAGA, the "Technical Association of the Graphic Arts". To read his most recent work published with TAGA this year on Color Management with Optical Brightening Agents, click here. Precision Color Solutions was originally founded as a pre-press company, and at the time was known simply as “Precision Color”. Now, Bill Birkett has re-defined what pre-press means. We are not only innovators in terms of technological processes, but we are also redefining the customer experience of color management. If you or your organization are interested in improving the quality of their color, we invite you to consider tapping into the expertise of our C.E.O., “the Color Guru”. Come be at the cutting edge with us!


 COLOR AUTHORITY At Precision Color Solutions, we are not afraid to say that we have color authority. We are the top in our industry, and there are few color problems that we are not able to solve. We are able to solve issues quickly and professionally, without seeking outside help.

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